img_1098A few weeks have passed since I’ve last provided an update on the situation out here. We’ve kept busy, and so did all the other departments and contractors. The Promenade deck is coming together, and some areas are even finished already such as the deck 4 Steak House and Library Bar. They look very pretty!

In between working on our own IT deployments (overseeing the work of the network cabling contractor, moving all systems over to the Sunshine servers, decommissioning the Destiny servers, upgrading all desktop computers to Windows 7, just to name a few), we’ve moved from the Bonomo apartment building to the Sunshine, toured the ship a few times to see how it’s taking shape, and tested the waters when the dock was flooded and the Sunshine rose from the blocks until she actually floated.

Our group has seen a few changes in manning and people have come and gone. This hasn’t done the least bit to the great team spirit and cooperation – it’s truly a joy to work with everyone, getting things done and having a ton of fun!

Below is a huge photo gallery so you better get started :-)