de_dd36A rainy morning today, perfect for uploading a few photos from here….  Things are going quite well for our Shipboard Technology projects.  We’re right on target, we’re keeping up the good spirit while all around us things get demolished left, right and center.   Being out here isn’t necessarily something you’d do on a regular basis – noise, fumes, no elevators, curveballs – but we say “Bring it on!”….

I’ve found a bunch of YouTube videos which show excactly what’s going on in dry dock:

Take that and then see how ‘IT system upgrades’ fit in and you know the dilemma we’re in:  Everyone needs IT and their services therefore  we’re very mindful about switching the systems over from “Destiny” to “Sunshine”.  To give you an idea:  The Data Center was demolished a long time ago and we’re working from a guest cabin across the hallway where we have PCs set up to work from.  There are two major server rack clusters: One for the “Destiny” (slowly being phased out in an organized manner) and one for the “Sunshine” (slowly being introduced into the environment).  Bit by bit we’re performing the switch:  Databases, applications, network, user PCs, mailboxes etc.  It requires preparation, coordination and communication so that the impact is minimal.

Guest areas are completely demolished – wall panels are torn off, floors, tables, seats removed, all sorts of cables stripped (this unfortunately includes various network cables), piles of rubble everywhere, busy workers everywhere.  There are guest cabins being constructed where previously there were lounges, there are bars being constructed where previously there were dining rooms, there are areas being constructed where previously there was…. nothing.  Yup, they place pre-fabricated blocks of steel onto the top deck and build cabins, a spa, the children’s area.  The ship will get much of what the Carnival Breeze has in terms of public spaces.  Most of these new areas will have office computers and wireless access points so all of these (re)construction concerns us as Shipboard Technology quite significantly.

Enjoy a few photos from here: