de_dd73Funny how quickly Destiny became the Sunshine in everyone’s lingo. One doesn’t hear “Destiny” too often any more as the transformation towards a new identity progresses. Pre-manufactured steel blocks have been placed on top of the ship during the past days with the help of a gigantic crane. We now have a brand-new spa (even though it doesn’t quite look like it – all steel framing and no walls, scaffolding, temporary floor, no rooms, really). Lido deck is full of containers and building material. The Promenade deck is torn apart and it’s hard to determine what’s what. I’ve never seen anything like this before in my previous 13 dry docks and 6 startups.

We as the IT group were busy and have migrated nearly all the systems over to the Sunshine infrastructure. What is left to do is the desktop PC conversion and system sanity checks (amongst other things, of course, such as building a new data center).

I’ve found a few more YouTube videos showing what it’s like out here:

And here are a few more photos for your enjoyment: