college_9.jpgFor some reason, November always ends up to be the month of my vacation. Not exactly my favourite time of the year but I’m trying to make the most out of it before returning to ships on December 10…

At the moment, I’m ‘chillaxing’ in London. Jason and I have been reinstalling our laptops – he’s running Windows 7, and I’m running Ubuntu. We’re both spending our days now exploring all the new features – and in my case the fancy applications that are available for my system – and trying to make the new systems efficient :-)

So, what have I been up to lately?

The startup of the Carnival Dream was what kept me occupied from July to September, and our efforts were more or less extensively documented on our own website ( We have set sail from Monfalcone on September 18, with just the crew, a few contractors and a few Fincantieri and Carnival VIPs on board. While cruising around the Italian Boot, the following photo was taken, with the Stromboli volcano in the background:


Once in Civitavecchia, the sea port of Rome, on September 21, I assisted with embarkation (ensuring that 50 laptops are talking to the ship’s servers for the duration of the check-in) but luckily everything went smoothly. I’ve stayed on for a few more days and disembarked in Venice to fly to the States and teach a three-week-long I/S Manager’s college on the Sensation…

So, why do I/S Managers need a College, you may ask? Well, it’s for I/S Managers-to-be which Carnival likes to hire in batches twice a year in order to familiarize them with the job duties and responsibilities. The college is taught by two experienced I/S Managers, typically Fleet Supervisors of which there are three – and I’m one of them now ;-) Yep, I got promoted to the Supervisor position and will from now on go from ship to ship to perform inspections and offer assistance to the I/S Managers running the ships… For now I’m enjoying my vacation (which included an 8-day cruise on the Freedom with Jason), but starting on December 10, I’ll be travelling all over and constantly on the move. Good or not? I’ll let you know…. Well, for now there are a few photos from our College on Sensation: