I’m officially on vacation! It was a great contract and I’ve had a chance to tackle a few challenges at a whole new level: There were of course my ship visits and inspections, the Legend dry dock where I was the IT Project Coordinator on board, and the Magic startup in Italy.

I am now on the “Allure of the Seas”. Yes – the competition… :) But since I am cruising and not working, I don’t consider it a conflict of interest…

The first impression was “WOW !!!”. The embarkation process was very nicely arranged and would have been delay-free, had it not been for the fact that the ship was overbooked by 40 or so guests, and consequently crew family was put on the wait list to ensure that the ‘soul count’ of 8420 is not exeeded. Unreal – 8420 people on a cruise ship! Eight thousand four hundred and twenty! Anyway, until 3:15PM, I didn’t know whether I could cruise or not. But eventually it had all worked out :-)

Jason is starting to work now, and I will go and explore this “Monster” of a ship for a bit. What I’ve seen so far has really impressed me!

Until soon – stay tuned… :-)