img_3210For four days, the island of Magerøya was our home. In addition to the previously described North Cape visits, these days were well filled with a lovely hike to Kirkeporten, with a fishing boat tour around the North Cape / Hornvika, with a King Crab dinner and a stroll through the snowy town of Honnigsvåg.

Hike to Kirkeporten: The Kirkeporten is a spectacular rocky arch that is reached via a 30 minutes hike from Skarsvåg. From there, you have a great view to the North Cape plateau and its characteristic horn. The weather had played along and it was sunny, just right for our exploring.

A boat tour to Hornsvik: When we had the opportunity to join a local fishing crew to go out to the Barents Sea to not only see the now well-known sights of the North Cape plateau, Hornvika and Kirkeporten from nearby but potentially even catch some fish, we spontaneously extended our stay in Magerøya by one day. Although we didn’t catch any fish, the experience of sailing around the North Cape on a real fishing boat with the locals (and no tourist steamer), fishing rods in our hands and feeling the icy Barents Sea winds, trying to compensate for the rocking of the boat and dodging the low-flying seagulls, was a unique, priceless experience.

Honnigsvåg: Kirkenes wasn’t quite the local fishing village we had envisioned, no colorful houses, no cozy cafes, no well-stocked souvenir shops, no tidy promenade or boats of all shapes, colors and sizes – none of this was found in Kirkenes… But in Honnigsvåg, actually. During our short visit, it was snowing hard, and the exploration was cut short to a mere 30 minutes, which is why I will have to come back some time to take a closer look at this city. There’s a very interesting blog from “Erica from America, living in Norway” in which Honnigsvåg is described from a personal perspective and with vivid literary illustrations. By the way, it’s Hammerfest that’s marketed as the northernmost city in the world rather than Honnigsvåg, even though both places are cities, and Honnigsvåg is located a tad more north. Rivalry.

Skarsvåg & Magerøya: Sun and rain, wind and snow – we”ve experienced it all during the few days on Magerøya island. Sometimes even within minutes, for example when we sat down to order waffles in sunshine at the Christmas house and enjoyed them during a snowstorm just a few minutes later. Our last night up north was spent saying goodbye to Magerøya in a Lappish roundhouse where we grilled fish and played music together with some residents of Skarsvåg. Here are some pictures that were taken in different places and at different times on the island.