img_1357After everyone had crawled out of bed, collected themselves, had breakfast and packed up, it was around 9:30 AM. We were headed towards Copenhagen’s city center and some touristy hop-on-hop-off bus. This type of city exploration is compact and quite educational. The search for a parking spot and the sightseeing bus station proved to be difficult but in the end we succeeded finding both.

Copenhagen – a city full of tourists (many of them from Germany such as ourselves), colorful houses and many bicycles, more or less fit for use. They’re often missing components, and the question is whether the bicycle was left standing there because of their absence or vice versa – it will probably remain a question forever. Within four hours, the city highlights were checked off the list, and we got to see the Tivoli Vegnuegungspark, Nyhavn, the Opera House, a fortress, an AIDA ship and the Little Mermaid. Well, to see the Little Mermaid sure took the a while because so many tourists blocked our view. But it was sure quite entertaining to see photo-hungry tourists dislocate their limbs in their quest to snap a photo or two of their object interest.

In the afternoon we drove to Helsingor and crossed over to Helsingborg in Sweden with a short ferry ride. Immediately we noticed the similarity of Swedish towns and IKEA product names. Originally we wanted to target a campsite in the vicinity of Helsingborg but the day was still young and we decided to continue our way north towards Halmstad. In our guidebooks, we had discovered a campground close to Tylosand that looked promising, right on the “most beautiful sandy beach of Sweden’s west coast.” There was a camping cottage for us at a fair price, this time even with a small bathroom and right by the edge of a forest – we were greeted by a band of wild rabbits. We are all alone here – no cottage neighbors tonight. Immersed in nature – all very idyllic. The beach is about 300m away and we already went to inspect it. Whether it is the most beautiful beach we can’t say, but it sure looked impressive.

The evening was spent sitting on the patio and admiring the setting sun at 21:30 pm, and consulting a lot of guide books and maps so that we may come to an agreement about the next days’ route. Stockholm – yes or no? Finland – yes or no? Lake Vänern or Lake Vättern? Details are left to be decided more spontaneously. However, dads comment summarizes the nature of the trip well: “Do you actually realize how much further it still is to up there?”

209 km Strøby (DK) – Tylosand (SE):