img_1352Oh how beautiful are highways if they would only bring us from A to B at a reasonable speed. In our case, what felt like hundreds of kilometers of road work and congestion on the A7 has cost not only time but also nerves. We have nevertheless managed to reach Copenhagen – just not as early as we wanted.

Despite the late hour, we have secured a small cabin on a campsite – quite simply equipped, but we don’t need much; we want to rough it a but during this holiday, you know, take a bit of a ‘rustic’ approach to travelling, as is evident from tons of comfort paraphernalia neatly crammed into our VW Multivan :-)

We settled down for the first night around 8 PM, nicely situated in a beach village about 40km south of Copenhagen, and finished the day in a relaxed manner. Celebrating the successful trip with a glass of champagne and a sip of Aro, eating dinner, noticing the longer evening light and then go to bed. By the way: The Danes are the happiest people in the world. Even though they pay a tax rate of roughly 50%.


809 km: Erfurt -Strøby (DK):