img_7232.jpgI don’t remember how long ago it was that I first saw photos of the Antelope Canyon, but anyway, it blew me away: Those lines, curves, colors and the wonderful play of light and shadow. It just so happened that our trip brought us to Page, Arizona, and that the Antelope Canyon was right at our door steps ;-)

I had researched beforehand about tips and tricks that would help with the tricky light conditions in the Canyon, and most websites suggested an aperture around F/11, ISO-100 (less noise) and a tripod (I had rented a compact Manfrotto today), and it worked quite well I thought.

I would love to come back one day and do a full-day Photography tour where a private guide takes you to five different canyons, cleverly bypassing the visitor rushes, and assisting you with photographic knowledge. I would need some new equipment, though: A sturdy tripod with a full-range swivel or ball head (the one I had today didn’t have the range of movement I needed), a SlingBag photobag which gives you easy access to your lenses (I didn’t dare changing lenses today because they were inconveniently stored away in my backpack, besides, it’s very dusty in the canyon) and a fish-eye lens. Anyone interested in photography – I can absolutely recommend this gem of a location to satisfy your photographic desires ;-)