No, I haven’t spontaneously become dyslexic, I only tried out the Wii game console for the first time in my life today. It was surprisingly good!

wii-jacketI had obviously heard about it before but never had a chance to try it out. So when I spotted a Wii in our crew bar today (we’re actually not supposed to call it ‘bar’ any longer, ’cause it’s a ‘lounge’), I took a seat nearby and waited for an opportunity to grab one of the handle thingies and join in. A few Filipinos were playing tennis, golf and bowling (two remotes = two players), and watching what they were doing already made me laugh. They are waving their remote thingies (seemingly unmotivated) around in the air, something which is extremely funny to watch especially if you happen to sit where you can’t see the TV. Some players get really into it and ‘uhm’ and ‘ah’ like it was real games they’re playing. Mind you, these are all grown-ups!

Finally, one player was about to leave the playground and held his remote thing up above his head signaling that someone else can join in – my call to get up and grab it. Meanwhile the other player had switched from tennis to bowling, and before I had time to familiarize myself with the buttons on the thingie, it was my turn already.

I’m not an expert at all in (real-life) bowling, but whenever I do go I’m having lots of fun. My accuracy isn’t necessarily the best, but I think I’ve got the right moves. Well, so tonight I’ve tried to give my best performance, but having a light white rubbery piece of plastic in your hand doesn’t come close to a seven kilo bowling ball. In Wii, you have a little button on the plastic handle thingie which you use to release the ball – something which requires skillful timing.

Different from real-life bowling, you can do without the smooth moves. You can just stand upright and throw your arm into the direction of the TV, release the ball at the right time – and look like someone that is handing over a bouquet of flowers and not like someone that is bowling. Another difference is that once I got the hang of the timely ball realease, I scored a few strikes in a row – and believe me, that would never happen in real life ;-)

I can really see myself getting one of those. Has any of you guys ever had the opportunity to play the Wii? I’ve heard of people who exercise daily on a “Wii Fit” – here on the ship in their cabins! It sounds like a great idea and I should find out more about it. Also, every American household seems to have one for weekend family entertainment. Millions of people can’t be wrong ;-)

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