chef_says_okay.jpg… make a very interesting combination of flavours. To cut a long story short: Today is Friday, and every Friday is a ‘special supper evening’ in the Jauch family. It’s mostly something exotic or non-standard we prepare. Something to spice up our established routines in the kitchen…

From one of our cook books, we picked a recipe in order to modify it. That’s for two reasons: Available groceries and creativity. Sometimes we really push it, but today we followed the recipe surprisingly closely. Well, fresh fish was substituted with frozen fish, but that’s been for reasons of time and logistics rather than the urge for experiments.

Here we go: Cook some diced onions until they are softened and translucent. Open a bottle of white wine, pour a glass for the cook, and a dash into the pan, let it simmer for a while. Add diced apples, then finely chopped ginger and dill. I can’t cook without garlic, so I added a bit of it as well. Let it simmer again, and prepare the aluminium foil in the meantime, one piece of foil for each piece of fish; large enough to wrap it around. Put a bit of the fruit/spices/herbs-mix onto the foil, add a fish filet, and add some more of the mix, then fold the foil closed and put it in the oven. Instead of dill you can also take parsley (we’ve tried it, too). Too much ginger isn’t a big deal, and it adds a spicy scent to the entire house. For vegetarians: I’m sure some sort of tofu would go well with it. Along with the fish we’ve had wild rice and a salad of lamb’s lettuce with a dressing entirely made up from vinegar, oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, brown sugar – and a dash of blueberry jam.

Our conclusion: It was tasty! And by writing tonight’s story into my blog I’m following the current trend in Germany – cooking. I was very surprised to watch TV back home in Germany and see nothing but cook shows. Then there’s Ratatouille, the movie. Oh, and I’ve been to a book store at the mall the other day and found three big tables full of cookbooks of all sorts. Browsing for potential additions to my collection is not an option right now because I’ll return to ships on Dec 1, and my cooking sessions come to an end. Therefore – let me swing the spoons as long as I can ;-)