28 August 2007

flightview2.JPGI’ve texted with Steffi around noon today and everything seemed alright. They’ve had breakfast at the hotel and slowly got ready to head for the airport. Right now they’re right above the Atlantic Ocean. Because there was a flightview image at the beginning of their trip I don’t want to leave one out now. The storybook of “Steffi and Bjoern in the Caribbean” comes to a close… Continue | Weiter »

26 August 2007

How sad, I’m all alone again. Steffi & Bjoern disembarked this morning around 11AM and got a ride in the crew shuttle straight to the hotel. That’s where they relaxed from the cruise at the hotel’s own swimming pool, and enjoyed their uneventful evening. Tomorrow they will have a lot of time to get ready and make their way to the airport some time around noon. Their flight leaves at 5PM. That’s when a fun-filled week of vacation in the Caribbean comes to an end…

25 August 2007

Nassau-(10).jpgI am writing the summary for today again because Steffi & Bjoern are watching the “Legends Show”, a guest talent show, in order to enjoy a few more hours of cruise romance. Perhaps they are just relaxing from the day because our scooter trip may have been a little strenuous. All I’m saying is: They drive on the left :) Continue | Weiter »

24 August 2007

Heute hatten wir einen soo faulen Tag, so faul geht gar nicht! Wir haben ausnahmsweise mal bis 11 Uhr geschlafen, sind zum Spaetaufsteher-Fruehstueck gegangen und haben uns sofort ein paar Liegen im Schatten an Deck gesucht. Beide mit Weltliteratur in den Haenden lagen wir da und haben den Wellen gelauscht. (Soweit dies das Bordentertainment und die Schiffslueftung zuliessen.) Continue | Weiter »

23 August 2007

tortola (29).jpgAfter the US Virgin Islands (St Thomas), the British ones have been our destination today: Tortola, which is by the way located in close proximity to St Thomas. Our plan was to explore the island with a rental car… Continue | Weiter »

22 August 2007

P1000076-01.jpgWouldn’t it be nice to sleep in every morning while on vacation? En contraire, it’s all about getting up early, hurry up. Meeting at 8AM for the tour: By all-terrain-vehicle (ATV or quad) through the wild back-lands of Antigua… Continue | Weiter »

21 August 2007

StThomas_11-01.jpgJust a quickie today. Had a great day in St Thomas. Found two geocaches (What is Geocaching?), rode a gondola up a mountain, got bushwhacked and snorkeled. Read on for details and pictures… Continue | Weiter »

20 August 2007

IMG_3085-01.jpgJust a brief summary of today’s adventure with a few pictures: We arrived at San Juan at around 5PM, watched our sailing in along some fortresses standing on the crew deck, and left the ship at around half past 5. Sharon, a nurse from England, joined us… Continue | Weiter »

19 August 2007

p8190900-01.jpgThe first day is over. We can feel the results of hurricane “DEAN” – those long swells let the ship rock like a nutshell. But we’re tough… Continue | Weiter »

18 August 2007

dean.JPGThe two kids have just boarded the ship, have had breakfast in the staff mess, and are now they’re exploring the ship. Everything went well although I wanted to get them on really early in the morning but they weren’t allowed to get one until 8:15AM. Oh well, still early :) Continue | Weiter »

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