3 July 2014

img_4423(Will be translated into English soon) Unsere Reise wurde mit Spannung fortgesetzt, denn die naechste Etappe war uns bereits von frueheren Norwegen-Aufenthalten bekannt – Fjordnorwegen.  Wir fuhren straff immer Richtung Sueden, ohne grosse Aufenthalte, von 3 Stunden in Trondheim einmal abgesehen, bis nach Aurland und Flåm an einem Seitenarm des Sognefjords.   Continue | Weiter »

25 June 2014

img_3650(Will be translated into English soon) Abenteuerlich klingt es ja: “Die Lofoten”. Wo genau waren die? Ach ja, im Nordwesten von Norwegen. Der kleine Schnoerpsel, der noch weit ueber dem Polarkreis ins Nordmeer hereinragt. Kleiner Schnoerpsel? Mitnichten…

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23 June 2014

img_3210For four days, the island of Magerøya was our home. In addition to the previously described North Cape visits, these days were well filled with a lovely hike to Kirkeporten, with a fishing boat tour around the North Cape / Hornvika, with a King Crab dinner and a stroll through the snowy town of Honnigsvåg.

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22 June 2014

img_2519Feeling quite sentimental, I’ve admired the 300m cliff to the west: A promontory pushes down flat into the Barents Sea. That’s the REAL northernmost point of continental Europe. I am standing at the touristy North Cape, fully aware of the missing mile.
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21 June 2014

img_2549What sounds so complicated, does not mean anything other than the geographically last corner of a continent. In other words, we have reached our destination. We arrived on the Norwegian island Magerøya which with it’s most famous attraction, the North Cape. There’s a separate blog about the actual North Cape visit (specifically, the three visits) with photos, the trip from Lake Inari by Magerøya was too interesting not to talk about it.
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15 June 2014

img_1846For sure there are even more than a thousand – that’s because we have already seen a thousand, and we have only been here for three days, merely travelling the main tourist routes… Rovaniemi is located just south of the Arctic Circle, and when we left the town towards the north we couldn’t avoid crossing it.
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12 June 2014

img_1692We are currently in Rovaniemi (Finland) – almost at the Arctic Circle. We are still missing a handful of kilometers as the Arctic Circle is located at the northern end of the town and we are spending the night in a camping cottage at the eastern side of town so that we cross the Arctic Circle only tomorrow morning. The drive from central Sweden to here would have been unspectacular if it wasn’t for air-polluting factories which shook up the expanse of the Swedish woods every now and then.

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11 June 2014

img_1643From Tylosand we went further north – we drove and drove, through green forests and past blue lakes, every now and then interspersed with the traditional Swedish houses – rust-red with white window frames. The landscape is hilly and shows off rivers, lakes and trees. The weather holds up greatly, and the temperature is at a very pleasant 24 degrees Celsius, blue sky included.

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9 June 2014

img_1357After everyone had crawled out of bed, collected themselves, had breakfast and packed up, it was around 9:30 AM. We were headed towards Copenhagen’s city center and some touristy hop-on-hop-off bus. This type of city exploration is compact and quite educational. The search for a parking spot and the sightseeing bus station proved to be difficult but in the end we succeeded finding both.

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8 June 2014

img_1352Oh how beautiful are highways if they would only bring us from A to B at a reasonable speed. In our case, what felt like hundreds of kilometers of road work and congestion on the A7 has cost not only time but also nerves. We have nevertheless managed to reach Copenhagen – just not as early as we wanted.

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