22 January 2014

img_7220It’s been 10 years since I’ve spent Christmas at home in Germany. That’s how long I’ve been working on ships, and even though once or twice my contract length almost permitted be to be on vacation during the holidays, I have extended for the benefit of my colleagues that wished to spend Christmas with their wives and children. This year things were different when my parents told me in the summer they are intending to visit me in the Caribbean for Christmas, and bring my brother, his wife and the baby, too. To plan the details didn’t take long, and soon the cruise and flights were booked. We’ve picked the Valor because it offered the best itinerary, and because we thought Puerto Rico was better than any other place previously visited to spend a week prior to the cruise. It worked out well and we were blessed with some great ports…

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4 January 2014

img_6896Alright, so the family trip is over and we’ve all returned to where we ought to be – the family back in Germany, and my gypsy self is back on the road (currently at the Philadelphia airport, ready for a new adventure but more about that soon). There were two parts to the family XMas vacation: A few days in Puerto Rico, followed by a cruise on the Carnival Valor which took us to some exotic Caribbean islands. I’ll share a few representative photos with you mainly so that you get to see what it’s like where I’ve spend the better part (mostly though for only a few hours) of the past 10 years.
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16 December 2013

So the family is on their way to Puerto Rico for their hard-earned vacation (and in a pretty selfish manner I’m going to be a part of it)….. So they are on their way to Puerto Rico… Theoretically… Practically…. Practically I don’t know. I have lost all contact with them at around 6:30 AM Florida time when they boarded their plane to Philadelphia. And now, at midnight Florida-time, I know their voice mail greetings all too well….. My family is missing !!!

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