2 November 2007

DSC_3077-01.jpgIt was our last day in France as tomorrow we would be heading back to London. We decided to visit Arles and thus favored it over Avignon as both of us remembered it to be the prettier and more interesting town. Continue | Weiter »

1 November 2007

DSC_2775-01.jpgToday was a national holiday in France, and we had made plans to go hiking with Philipp and his 2-year-old son Lukas. We drove south to the seaside town of Cassis, parked the car and started our hike. Continue | Weiter »

31 October 2007

DSC_2078-01.jpgWe’ve had a late start today and therefore decided against the idea of seeing Avignon which would have required much more time. Instead, it was Les Baux, a village built set atop a rocky outcrop crowned with a ruined castle having the reputation as one of the most picturesque villages in France. Continue | Weiter »

30 October 2007

DSC_1888-01.jpgFirst stop – Marseille. It was a very beautiful crisp morning chilled down by the frosty Mistral winds. We were sure glad we had our thick jackets with us!

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29 October 2007

DSC_2059-01.jpg Our journey to France began with quite some excitement, for me at least, as it had been the first time to get to an airport on a motorbike – with luggage and all.

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