25 February 2009

img_2684.jpgUshuaia has long been high up in my personal ‘Things To Do’ list. Its ‘at the end of the world’ location has a certain appeal for travelers as well as adventurers and makes the city a convenient access point for the Antarctic. Continue | Weiter »

24 February 2009

img_1653.jpgWe’ve made it! We’ve rounded the southernmost tip of South America! It’s actually an island called Isla Hornos, which we’ve fully circled, and the island’s southern tip is called Cape Hoorn, named after the Dutch city near Amsterdam. The weather wasn’t as rough as we thought it would be. But then again, we were quite sheltered up there on the Navigational Bridge…. Continue | Weiter »

23 February 2009

What’s great about cruising compared to working on the ship is that you are not restricted by work schedules in any way and you can get off in every port. Although we’re not using this opportunity to its full potential going on day-long tours, we are enjoying even short walk-abouts in our ports-of-call. Quite boring, however, (but not unexpectedly so) are the sea days of which we have many… Continue | Weiter »

22 February 2009

img_1197.jpgThe unusual name comes from a Welsh community who has established the town about 150 years ago. Since then, the population has risen to 58.000, and the town is these days known for an Aluminium factory and its proximity to National Parks such as the Peninsula Valdez and Punta Tombo. Continue | Weiter »

img_0790.jpgThere’s not too much to say about Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. I am a little under the weather with a cold at the moment which had ruled out a day-long trip into the countryside (plus, the tours were booked out anyway). Therefore, we took it easy and explored the city on a four-hour stroll. Continue | Weiter »

20 February 2009

img_0108.jpgSo, we’ve just spent two days in Buenos Aires and are currently floating down the muddy-brown Rio de la Plata to our next destination: Montevideo in Urugay. To describe Buenos Aires isn’t difficult – it is a huge city lacking attractions in the regular sense. There aren’t any significant ‘must-dos’ and ‘not-to-be-missed’ sights, and if there are any -  we didn’t find them. Rated number one on the attractions list is a 67m high obelisk. Next are government buildings and a cemetery. Erm, great! Continue | Weiter »

17 February 2009

Hello! We are exploring Buenos Aires and are tasting Alfajores biscuits in an old-fashioned Coffee House. It’s quite hot outside and we just needed to cool down a little. Conveniently they’ve got free WiFi which makes up for carrying my laptop all this way. The city is full of people! Very crowded. There are lots of interesting houses which all have a European flavour. We are taking lots of photos which will be uploaded tomorrow or so. Good news regarding the continuation of our cruise: The ship is taking us along !!! Cape Hoorn – here we come.

15 February 2009

img_9564.jpgRio de Janeiro – a very exotic location which Jason and I both looked forward to visiting. Initially disappointed with the ship’s departure time of 4 PM, we were delighted to hear the evening prior to our visit, that the Captain has extended the stay by two hours. Continue | Weiter »

12 February 2009

img_9429.jpgI’ve been looking forward to Salvador de Bahia because of the colonial architecture and the Afro-Brasilian influence. It is regarded as one of the main cultural areas of Brasil. And during our walk-around, we were not disappointed. Continue | Weiter »

img_9343.jpgRecife is another 3 million city in Brazil’s north east. The fact that we attended a crew tour to experience it, changed our perception of general criminal energy in the streets, at least compared to our first port, Fortaleza. Continue | Weiter »

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