22 August 2007

P1000076-01.jpgWouldn’t it be nice to sleep in every morning while on vacation? En contraire, it’s all about getting up early, hurry up. Meeting at 8AM for the tour: By all-terrain-vehicle (ATV or quad) through the wild back-lands of Antigua… Continue | Weiter »

21 August 2007

StThomas_11-01.jpgJust a quickie today. Had a great day in St Thomas. Found two geocaches (What is Geocaching?), rode a gondola up a mountain, got bushwhacked and snorkeled. Read on for details and pictures… Continue | Weiter »

20 August 2007

IMG_3085-01.jpgJust a brief summary of today’s adventure with a few pictures: We arrived at San Juan at around 5PM, watched our sailing in along some fortresses standing on the crew deck, and left the ship at around half past 5. Sharon, a nurse from England, joined us… Continue | Weiter »

19 August 2007

p8190900-01.jpgThe first day is over. We can feel the results of hurricane “DEAN” – those long swells let the ship rock like a nutshell. But we’re tough… Continue | Weiter »

18 August 2007

dean.JPGThe two kids have just boarded the ship, have had breakfast in the staff mess, and are now they’re exploring the ship. Everything went well although I wanted to get them on really early in the morning but they weren’t allowed to get one until 8:15AM. Oh well, still early :) Continue | Weiter »

17 August 2007

The two kids have had a good flight I hope. They have just landed in Miami…

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As mentioned a few days ago, I’ll be having visitors tomorrow. Steffi & Bjoern are in the air already, and since this morning I’m keeping an eye on their progress as they approach Miami. They’ll land in about 1 hr, take the shuttle to the hotel (Marriott West Miami), and are picked up by the Embarkation Supervisor at 5AM tomorrow morning who gives them a lift to Fort Lauderdale. They have a visitor pass and can board the ship at around 8AM. I’m going to get up really early to accompany them during the wait :) Continue | Weiter »

4 August 2007

Steffi & Kat

August 17 is the day that a very special adventure begins for my baby-sister Steffi & her sweetheart Bjoern: A Caribbean cruise :) They fly from Duesseldof to Miami, stay overnight in a hotel and board the ship on August 18. Because it’s high season there are no cabins available and therefore I’m accommodating them in my crew cabin while I’m officially moving in with Jason for one cruise. The cruise they’ll be taking is my favorite: San Juan (Puerto Rico), St Thomas (US Virgin Islands), St John’s (Antigua & Barbuda), Tortola (British Virgin Islands) and Nassau (Bahamas). More information as soon as it is available – in about 3 weeks :)

Steffi & Bjoern auf Kreuzfahrt (August 2007)

23 August 2006

IMG_5023-01.jpgA vacation report without photos – that’s like an ice cream cone without ice cream, or a car without a steering wheel, or a computer without internet :) Well, I have made extensive use of the latter and compiled a gallery for our family vacation in the summer of 2006. Now you can read and see what we were up to. Almost as if you were there yourself. While I’ve regularly visited Alberta since 1997, it has been a very first for my parents and my sister (my brother wasn’t able to join but the Hawaii cruise he took in October made up for it). I have introduced them to my circle of Canadian friends and also for them it was good to finally meet the family :)

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I drove back to Black Diamond and stayed at Liz’ for the night. I needed – and got – some decent sleep (the one in the cabin was constantly disturbed by flies, mosquitoes and moths). The next day was pretty much a chill-out-day until the evening, when another friend of mine came over for supper. Shortly after that I packed all my belongings together and waved good-bye.
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