25 December 2008

It should not come as a surprise to you that we are addressing an issue regarding the sharing of our habitats. We see ourselves confronted with a major inconveniece and hope that by writing this petition we can make all of our lives better. Continue | Weiter »

23 December 2008

img_3459.jpgWell, we are back in civilization. In Adelaide, to be precise, at a Backpacker’s Hostel in town. Adelaide welcomed us with a chilly 24 degrees – this is in comparison to the baking 43 degrees we had in Coober Pedy yesterday. After leaving Alice Springs a few days ago, we have covered large distances. So, let us summarize our adventures ;-) Continue | Weiter »

18 December 2008

img_2172.jpgNot quite unexpected were the long straight roads that lead through Central Australia. Though referred to as a ‘Highway’, they do not meet the prototypical concept due to the lack of lanes and security measure such as guard rails. However, it’s great for road-tripping! And just observing how the scenery changes every so often is very rewarding! Continue | Weiter »

img_2102.jpgWhat sounds like a spanish saying is actually a tiny sleepy fishing village at the golf of Carpentaria – situated due west of Cairns at the other side of the York peninsula. We thought the town was much bigger, but as it turned out, it was really cozy… Continue | Weiter »

An update: We are at the Alice Motor Inn in Alice Springs, after we have been driving mile after mile after mile. Continue | Weiter »

17 December 2008

img_1817.jpgThis is the first time that Jason and I are blogging together. Actually, Jason is driving our burgundy Corolla through Queensland’s Savannah region, while I am typing up our adventures on his Psion organizer…

Continue | Weiter »

12 December 2008

Adventure is when you don’t know what’s coming next. That pretty much describes our current situation. We’re stuck in Cairns – A) without a rental car and B) with only little hope to make it to Uluru (Ayers Rock) the way we had planned. Continue | Weiter »

pict0022.jpgWe have survived our dive trip and are back in Cairns. The trip was great but exhausting. 4 dives a day are twice as much as we normally do when diving in one of our ports. I was almost at the point where I said ‘I don’t want to do another dive’ but I couldn’t let Jason’s number of dives increase even more, could I ;-) Continue | Weiter »

9 December 2008

558312_1.jpgWe have just checked out of our hostel, I am making a last use of the laundry facilities (same machines as on the ship !), and then we’ll spend the day until 3 PM when we’ll be checking in at the TAKA dive shop for a 4-day live-aboard. Jason and I are very excited.


8 December 2008

img_1425.jpgWe’ve spent a great day with Bill, Kelly & Isabella today. I’ve worked with Bill & Kelly on the Carnival Liberty back in 2005, and you may have guessed it – they are Nurses :-) Conincidence, as at that time I hadn’t met Jason yet but I/S Managers traditionally get along well with the Infirmary staff… By the way: Jason, Bill & Kelly had met previously on one of the ship’s medical conferences. What a small world :-) Continue | Weiter »

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