16 January 2009

img_5310.jpgWe are currently in Te Anau and have been to the famous Milford Sound yesterday; and although the weather wasn’t picture-postcard-optimal, the clouds and mist created a very special atmosphere… Continue | Weiter »

14 January 2009

img_4586.jpgThe “Southern Scenic Route” is the connection between Dunedin and Invercargill running along the rugged coastline. Although signed out with 100 km/h, there’s no other way but to comfortably trot along. The road goes uphills and downhills, there are nothing but curves, and our 2-ton-vehicle with a mini-motor simply can’t handle it properly which is why we averaged 50 or 60 km/h and moved over to let everyone else pass… Continue | Weiter »

img_4404.jpgDunedin, the city with a Scottish heritage, was very pretty, and we liked it a lot. Whether it was the mountains, the sea or the Otago-Peninsula with the sheep pastures, we don’t know. But the town is somewhere between cozy and cosmopolitan. It reminded me of Jena. By the way, the first university of New Zealand was founded in Dunedin, perhaps that’s where the resemblance to Jena comes from…  Continue | Weiter »

12 January 2009

img_4007.jpgWe’ve found a really great spot for last night, and it was by accident… We drove on a really boring highway from Omarama to Oamaru looking for turn-offs that would provide us with privacy and a level place to park the van for the night. It’s just that all turn-offs were blocked off by a gate leading to private properties. Continue | Weiter »

img_3210.jpgDriving around in a camper van is fun as long as you have a decent place to stay for the night. I believe it’s not quite legal to just drive off the road and stay put but anyway that’s what we are doing. At one time, we even managed to overnight in the parking lot of a 4-star luxury hotel (take a guess as to ‘why’ in the newest poll). Continue | Weiter »

7 January 2009

I had at one time mentioned a wailing bird that woke us up in Undara one morning, and made us laugh out loudly. Here’s a video clip of the bird song… Continue | Weiter »

img_3140.jpgCULLI is our camper-van (that’s what the license plate says). Yes, we granted ourselves some luxury. Well, that’s exaggerated, it’s not THAT luxurious. Culli is a 15-year old Ford Econovan, driving it feels like driving my old Wartburg car, but we’ve got a comfortable bed, a kitchen with a fridge and a hot-water shower. Continue | Weiter »

img_3038.jpgOur two days in Sydney – a short summary: We met up with our ship-nurse-friend Stacey and explored the city together, starting with a harbour cruise and a ride up to the observation tower. It was great to see her again! The next morning, Jason and I went back into the city to see the historic quarter “The Rocks”, situated right next to the famous harbour bridge… Continue | Weiter »

And here our last route in Australia: From Melbourne to Sydney – via the Great Alpine Road and through the Blue Mountains… Distance: 1,600 km. Continue | Weiter »

A little late because internet acess is pretty unreliable whenever we’re on the road. Here is our route from Adelaide to Melbourne. Distance: 1,000 km. Continue | Weiter »

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