img_1901Isn’t it funny? Vacation is pretty much over and I’m catching up with what’s been happening – blog-wise. It was busy and I was running around like a headless chicken – except for the fact that I’m not a chicken and my head is still nicely attached to my body. My main projects were to get my room renovations done, to make myself a bit useful in the kitchen and cook for my family, to sort my music collection, to acquaint myself with my not-so-new-but-not-yet-frequently-used Canon 5D Mark II, to set up my new laptop and consolidate files on my external hard drives, to enjoy the warm ‘Altweibersommer’-evenings around the camp fire with the family, to meet up with friends, and just relax from a long and eventful contract on ships. While such an agenda sounds manageable, I soon surrendered to reality which pretty much dictated that there wouldn’t be much time to do any of the above.

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