28 September 2011

img_1901Isn’t it funny? Vacation is pretty much over and I’m catching up with what’s been happening – blog-wise. It was busy and I was running around like a headless chicken – except for the fact that I’m not a chicken and my head is still nicely attached to my body. My main projects were to get my room renovations done, to make myself a bit useful in the kitchen and cook for my family, to sort my music collection, to acquaint myself with my not-so-new-but-not-yet-frequently-used Canon 5D Mark II, to set up my new laptop and consolidate files on my external hard drives, to enjoy the warm ‘Altweibersommer’-evenings around the camp fire with the family, to meet up with friends, and just relax from a long and eventful contract on ships. While such an agenda sounds manageable, I soon surrendered to reality which pretty much dictated that there wouldn’t be much time to do any of the above.

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21 September 2011

img_0808For those working on ships, there is a natural curiosity about what ships of other cruise lines look like and what they have to offer.  Foremost, it’s probably the public spaces we are most interested in exploring and is easiest to compare with those on ‘our’ ships. So far, I had a chance to see ships of the Aida Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean.  During my vacation, an opportunity opened up to see the Phoenix Artania cruise ship in its home port Bremerhaven. Continue | Weiter »