7 January 2009

I had at one time mentioned a wailing bird that woke us up in Undara one morning, and made us laugh out loudly. Here’s a video clip of the bird song… Continue | Weiter »

img_3038.jpgOur two days in Sydney – a short summary: We met up with our ship-nurse-friend Stacey and explored the city together, starting with a harbour cruise and a ride up to the observation tower. It was great to see her again! The next morning, Jason and I went back into the city to see the historic quarter “The Rocks”, situated right next to the famous harbour bridge… Continue | Weiter »

And here our last route in Australia: From Melbourne to Sydney – via the Great Alpine Road and through the Blue Mountains… Distance: 1,600 km. Continue | Weiter »

A little late because internet acess is pretty unreliable whenever we’re on the road. Here is our route from Adelaide to Melbourne. Distance: 1,000 km. Continue | Weiter »

4 January 2009

No frills: Here are some photos of Sydney… Continue | Weiter »

img_1983.jpgTo cut a long story short: It’s nearly impossible. But let me start from the beginning… After the Great Alpine Road had teased us with great views, we wanted more. Therefore we decided that a visit to the Blue Mountains was mandatory… Continue | Weiter »

img_1706.jpgThe travel plans for after we’re leaving Melbourne hadn’t really been made out yet. Sydney, yes, but what route? Consulting brochures and locals, we decided to take the ‘Great Alpine Road’ because it promised spectacular scenery and a totally unexpected side of Australia. Continue | Weiter »

31 December 2008

img_0424.jpgWe would have visited Melbourne anyway at some stage during our travels, but how great is it for Jason to have his brother there? We’ve cleverly combined a city visit with a family visit, and things were just great. So great, I didn’t even get around to updating the blog as much as I wanted to :-) Continue | Weiter »

img_0012.jpgWe were in Ballarat, Australia, and it all looked very weird to us: Hundreds of white canvas tents were set up, with uncomfortable wooden bedframes and old-fashioned oil lamps. People sat next to a creek washing the sand, inspecting it all the time to see if it was clean yet. Continue | Weiter »

img_0172.jpgA much anticipated part of our journey was the drive along the ‘Great Ocean Road’. It’s a coastal road south-west of Melbourne which hugs to a very rugged coastline. It boasts with free-standing stone pillars, arches and caves that bear names such as “The Twelve Apostles”, “London Bridge” or “The Grotto”. Continue | Weiter »

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