30 July 2011

img_7826A much anticipated venue to see on this ship was the ice rink.  I had heard rumours of its existence but that didn’t mean they were actually true.  Well, I can confirm that they are, and during my two cruises, we have not only watched both shows — we’ve even ice-skated! Continue | Weiter »

29 July 2011

img_7578Another relaxed day here on the Allure.  It’s the second cruise already – we’re in Nassau (Bahamas)  but because it’s probably my most-visited port ever which holds no more appeal for neither myself or Jason, we stayed on board today.  By now I have explored some of the crew areas as well and know a little more about why the crew seems quite happy and content….   Continue | Weiter »

26 July 2011

img_5274What sounds like a Latin dance is actually a peninsula in Haiti which has been developed by Royal Caribbean to be a romantic but isolated resort-style get-away where guests can spend the day at. I’m tempted to compare it with Half Moon Cay or Mahogany Bay: Beaches, beach chairs, umbrellas, hammocks, water sports, bars and last but not least drink & food outlets that are supplied by the ship just like in Half Moon Cay. Continue | Weiter »

20 July 2011

img_7324I’m taking it really easy here – I’m on vacation after all…  I’m sleeping until 10:30 AM (seems like I really need it), and then walk around the ship. After lunch at the Solarium Bistro, I’m often sitting in the Central Park neighborhood amidst lush greenery and birds singing their songs (okay, that’s piped in through invisible speakers but still very nice).  From the distance, the Caribbean tunes of the Calypso band waft over and I am gladly escaping the open-deck-and-pool-and-booze-and-lounge-chair-madness.  I am reading the Cruise Compass which is the daily guide, RCCL’s equivalent of the FunTimes.  Actually, it consists of several guides highlighting what’s going on in the morning, afternoon and evening, and the dining options at any time of the day. Continue | Weiter »

19 July 2011

img_7398It’s day two on the Allure of the Seas. I’ve explored pretty much everything by now, everything that interests me, anyway. Yesterday, Jason’s Medical Team had celebrated someone’s birthday, and I was invited over for a little get-together. They had ordered full dinner from room service, including steak, pasta dishes, grilled fish etc. From the crew bar, they had gotten beer and wine — a typical cabin get-together. We had chatted for a while and of course exchanged information about crew life in both worlds. I was surprised to hear that crew buys their uniforms at Royal Caribbean unless you have three or more stripes (I guess those poor Senior Officers simply can’t afford to buy their own uniforms. Bless their bank accounts !! ) Continue | Weiter »

17 July 2011

I’m officially on vacation! It was a great contract and I’ve had a chance to tackle a few challenges at a whole new level: There were of course my ship visits and inspections, the Legend dry dock where I was the IT Project Coordinator on board, and the Magic startup in Italy.
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