13 November 2010

fauna_18When you hear “Africa”, for sure you think of safaris and the “Big Five”. At least I did! And prepared my photographic gear accordingly. I’ve traveled with my usual 17-85mm, 60mm and 70-200mm lenses, and a friend of mine lent me a 1.4x extension tube which allows for even further zooming in. The tripod remained at home due to mobility considerations. Brigitte and Wolfgang, our relatives, are very knowledgeable about the South African fauna and provided us with a lot of inside knowledge.
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9 November 2010

floraWe’re quickly approaching the end of the South Africa blog, there are really only two more topics to cover:  Flora and Fauna.  So today, I’m going to present you with a few examples of South Africa’s diverse plant life.

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greeksaladI had already mentioned that travel guides and magazines have assisted us with preparations for the trip with the aim to make the most out of it and not be completely clueless when we finally arrived in South Africa.  Reading the various chapters about cities and regions, and popular topics such as South African cuisine, the recent Soccer World Cup or the school system had built a certain expectation about what we were going to see – this was covered in a blog a few days ago…

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7 November 2010


It is a commonly known fact that South Africa is a country with eleven official languages.  Most non-South-Africans will know about the two most popular ones (English, Africaans) and perhaps one or two native ones (Zulu, Xhosa).  That’s barely a third!  The remaining official languages are Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tswana, Tsonga and Venda.  As a tourist, do you get to hear any of these languages at all? Absolutely!

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5 November 2010

rsa_misc__50.jpgConsulting guide books and travel magazines before a trip is great for expanding your knowledge about the destination – it also makes you aware of the stereotypes and gives you an incentive to support the tourism business. That and recommendations from my South African friends have meant that we had certain expectations about what we were going to see during our trip.
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29 October 2010

rsa_city_14.jpgHere we go… This set of photos represents some of the urban aspects of South Africa.  Having been the D.D. (designated driver) for the second half of our trip, I have paid more attention to driving on the correct wrong side of the road especially at road junctions rather than proper photo composition. Therefore, please ignore the occasional motion blur or windshield reflection… Continue | Weiter »

28 October 2010

rsa_landscapes_28.jpgI confess, it’s been only a very small portion of South Africa I got to see, regardless, the landscapes have really impressed me. They were plateau-like or hilly in the Johannesburg area, and mountainous and rugged near Cape Town. My first set of photos is therefore dedicated to the variety of landscapes we had a chance to see. Continue | Weiter »

27 October 2010

lionsWhat was supposed to have been a major family vacation has indeed been one. Not only informative and action-packed but also inspirational and family-oriented, that’s how we – that is my parents, Jason and me – have spent the last two weeks traveling and soaking in all these new vibes. One thing we all agree upon: South Africa is a modern country with loads to offer!
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