24 March 2009

img_5711.jpgA long cruise has come to an end. We arrived in San Francisco and are booked on a city tour with airport transfer, since we will be leaving for Las Vegas in the afternoon. Continue | Weiter »

16 March 2009

img_5021.jpgAcapulco is well-known to me ever since my contract on the Spirit in 2006 took me here once a week. It’s most famous for the cliff divers which we ventured out to see today. Continue | Weiter »

img_4809.jpgNot a port everyone has always looked forward to visiting, therefore our motivation for a day out was limited. Manta is a fishing town with no major tourist attractions, and we did what everybody did – we escaped to Montecristi. Continue | Weiter »

11 March 2009

img_4356.jpgThe prospect of visiting a city with a population of nearly eight million didn’t really excite me at first, but the more I heard and read about Lima, the more curious I became. To make the most out of the day, we’ve scrapped the idea of a ‘Highlights of Lima’ ship excursion, intending to wander around by ourselves instead. What a good idea that was! Continue | Weiter »

8 March 2009

img_4098.jpgExpectations for the day were low to begin with and did not improve much. As a result from a search-and-rescue-maneuvre the day before, we did not arrive in Arica until 12:30 PM and therefore our planned excursion to the Lauca Nation Park leaving at 7 AM was cancelled. Continue | Weiter »

5 March 2009

img_3811.jpgWhat good is the best preparation when things go wrong anyway? The parents gave us quite a fright when they text-messaged us: “We’re stuck in Lima after an emergency landing. The right engine has failed”. That’s after some trouble with the hotel in New York and a non-existent opportunity to visit the city of Bogota during their layover due to increased airport security. Continue | Weiter »

2 March 2009

img_3524.jpgOur Lonely Planet didn’t mention anything special in this Chilean town, but from the range of shore excursions the ship offers we were clued in about what’s worth seeing: The Osorno Volcano and the Petrohue Falls. Continue | Weiter »

28 February 2009

img_3242.jpgWe’ve had three scenic days at sea with views of mountains and glaciers. At the moment, we are sitting at the ‘Cafe Dresden’ in Puerto Montt (our first Chilean port) and are enjoying a hot chocolate and free WiFi. Life is good! Continue | Weiter »

25 February 2009

img_2684.jpgUshuaia has long been high up in my personal ‘Things To Do’ list. Its ‘at the end of the world’ location has a certain appeal for travelers as well as adventurers and makes the city a convenient access point for the Antarctic. Continue | Weiter »

24 February 2009

img_1653.jpgWe’ve made it! We’ve rounded the southernmost tip of South America! It’s actually an island called Isla Hornos, which we’ve fully circled, and the island’s southern tip is called Cape Hoorn, named after the Dutch city near Amsterdam. The weather wasn’t as rough as we thought it would be. But then again, we were quite sheltered up there on the Navigational Bridge…. Continue | Weiter »

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