26 March 2009

Thought you may want to visualize where exactly we went. Get a map of the US and find Las Vegas, that’s where we started. We drove anticlockwise around the Grand Canyon and returned to Las Vegas five days later. Here is a map:   Continue | Weiter »

img_7444_1.jpgA short summary of our day: After breakfast we visited the Glen Canyon dam at Lake Powell – a landmark that we can see from our hotel rooms. We weren’t able to take part in a tour at this time because we were already booked for the Antelope Canyon tour… Continue | Weiter »

img_7232.jpgI don’t remember how long ago it was that I first saw photos of the Antelope Canyon, but anyway, it blew me away: Those lines, curves, colors and the wonderful play of light and shadow. It just so happened that our trip brought us to Page, Arizona, and that the Antelope Canyon was right at our door steps ;-) Continue | Weiter »

25 March 2009

img_6949.jpgThis vacation is leaving me speechless. Which is why you only get to see photos – I am at loss for words when trying to write about our day in Monument Valley. Just one thing: If you have the chance to go, then go! Continue | Weiter »

24 March 2009

img_6440.jpgWithout too many words: It has been an unbelievable experience. There were the expected views of the Grand Canyon – you’ve all seen them before. Couple this with extreme weather conditions such as temperatures around the freezing point or a snowstorm while you’re standing in the sun. That’s what made it special! Continue | Weiter »

img_6391.jpgWhat an enjoyable 400 km drive with our black Chevrolet TrailBlazer SUV! It took us through all kinds of landscape and weather situations. One thing is certain: I like Arizona a lot! Continue | Weiter »

img_6086.jpgHello from Las Vegas! We’re at the Best Western Mardi Gras and are about to begin the real adventure: The Grand Canyon. Arriving in Las Vegas yesterday has already amused us as – so typical – they’ve put up slot machines next to the baggage claim for some entertaining minutes while waiting for your suitcase. Continue | Weiter »

img_5711.jpgA long cruise has come to an end. We arrived in San Francisco and are booked on a city tour with airport transfer, since we will be leaving for Las Vegas in the afternoon. Continue | Weiter »

22 March 2009

img_5444.jpgA quick summary of our day in Long Beach. It began with a immigration inspection (a wait of two hours) and finally took us to Hollywood via public train from Long Beach. We had all been to Hollywood before, so it was more a matter of ‘checking what’s going on’ rather than a brand-new experience. Quite enjoyable, though! We made it back to the ship with little time to spare, but the ship left late because President Obama was in the city and the ship excursion buses got stuck in the traffic due to blocking of major roads. Anyhow, we’ve had a fun day. Continue | Weiter »

img_5369.jpgMy first contract as an I/S Manager was on the Pride which visited Puerto Vallarta (or: P.V.) each Wednesday. Having been on that run for 8 months, I had a good feel for the place. So did Jason and my parents, who had also visited P.V. before and been on shore excursions. Therefore, we again decided to do something on our own.  Continue | Weiter »

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