31 January 2009

citiesaroundtheworldsw7Upon touch-down in Miami about two hours ago, we’ve quietly celebrated our ‘Around the World’ completion. We’ve departed from Miami on November 17 (Kat) resp. Nov 21 (Jason), flew to London, to Singapore, to Brisbane, drove to Sydney, flew to Christchurch, drove to Auckland, flew to Los Angeles and back to Miami. Continue | Weiter »

30 January 2009

img_8474.jpgCan’t close the NZ chapter without a few photos of Auckland. I’m not going to write much about it because we didn’t really do much. We visited the SkyTower, walked along Queen Street and returned to the car via Albert Park (and found a geocache). Then we drove to Megan’s, Jason’s former co-worker from one of the ships, where we were invited to stay for the night. The next morning we headed towards the airport, not without stopping at One Tree Hill for a going-away photo of Auckland. Continue | Weiter »


I’ve got one more for you: Pictures of the Pancake Rocks at the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Enjoy! Hope you’re not getting too hungry now :-)

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clipboard2Our flight to L.A. arriving from Melbourne is delayed (Hi, Daniel & Julie), and I’m making more use of the 4-hour internet package I’ve got for today. I’ve put a new poll online and hope that you have fun giving me your opinions :-) Multiple answers are possible to enhance the fun factor. I’ll resolve it in a week from now. Have fun!!! Continue | Weiter »

New Zealand, you have been wonderful! We are departing shortly to the United States to try our luck on a stand-by cruise. Chances are slim as the ship is overbooked, but we’ll see… Just want to add a map of our touring of the North Island. Distance: 1000 km. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog :-) Until soon from the States! Continue | Weiter »

img_0255.jpgWhakatane – try to pronounce THAT town name, and we guarantee you’ll be wrong :-) It’s actually Fo-Kah-Tah-Nee and it’s where Kelly & Shaun as well as Kelly’s parents live. It’s a nice little seaside town in the Bay of Plenty area and we came to see our friends from the ships. Continue | Weiter »

img_7674.jpgThe town of Rotorua is located in New Zealand’s very active geothermal zone. It is a volcanic area with mud pools, geysers, sulphur lakes and the like. Hell-ish, they say :-) Two of the highlights are a geyser erupting at 10:15 AM every morning, and the mildly bubbling ‘Champagne Pool”, conveniently located in one and the same tourist attraction: Wai-O-Tapu. Continue | Weiter »

img_7497.jpgTraveling not only allows you to see new places, but also to see your friends. Ship friends tend to be scattered all over the world, and New Zealand has its fair share of them. Like Raewyn & William in Palmerston North and Kelly & Shaun in Whakatane. Let’s see how they are doing… Continue | Weiter »

26 January 2009

This map shows which regions of New Zealand we’ve already visited. Each letter marks important places and where we stayed overnight, so it is easy to follow our route and how much we’ve driven each day. Distance so far: 2.500 km (no comparison to Australia!). Continue | Weiter »

img_7075.jpgOur final bit on the South Island was to continue up the West Coast and cut across the northern part to reach Picton and catch the ferry to Wellington, the gateway to the North Island. The drive to Picton was once more very scenic and almost exclusively on narrow winding roads but we did really enjoy it. Continue | Weiter »

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