21 March 2008

IMG_1818-01.jpgBarely four months into my contract I’m leaving already. I’m signing off on Sunday and fly to Chicago, then Frankfurt, arriving there on Easter Monday….

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15 March 2008

IMG_1573-01.jpgWhy I have waited for 4 years to do this, I cannot say. So many port days in St Maarten got wasted when I could have had so much fun instead. Following rumours of fellow crew members, we decided to visit Maho Beach… Continue | Weiter »

4 March 2008

IMG_1161-01.jpgA few days ago something extraordinary happened during the Las Vegas-style production show on board: An American audience clapped their hands on the beats of 1 and 3 rather than on 2 and 4 (as we in Germany normally think they do)…

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17 February 2008

Good day! I’m still alive… There’s really nothing to report from the Valor dry dock except that I’ve sweated and toiled – starting from around 8am until 1 or 2am each day. I have left the ship twice (evacuation drill and dinner with a colleague) and seen the daylight about 4 times (no window in the computer room). I haven’t taken a single picture which is best proof for how busy I was… But: There is news!

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25 December 2007

Mein Crew-Pass Foto

Now that the festivities have reached their climax I am feeling a bit of that sentiment. I have made myself comfortable in the computer room: The lights are turned off, and it is just the mandatory emergency light and the monitor that illuminate my work space. A cup of chai latte with some extra cinnamon in my hand. And I’m listening to Bach’s Christmas Oratorio. It’s great! And now picture the subwoofer which is placed directly next to my shins and causes the trouser legs to flap so nicely :)

23 December 2007

Mein Crew-Pass FotoNo exciting news today, just a quick update: I’ve signed on the Carnival VALOR today. I’m working here with Simon from New Zealand. I’m very familiar with this ship and threw my whites on right away to start working.
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