14 February 2005

Die 3 Grazien beim Karaoke / The 3 Graces at KaraokeWhat good is the best job in the world if you aren’t keeping in touch with family and friends every now and then? You don’t have to think for long before coming up with the idea of inviting them over to your ship for a week so they can understand that you’re really working hard and not just cruising around. Well, in February 2005 I welcomed my sister Steffi (sweet 15 back then) and Constanze, my long-time girlfriend from school, on the VALOR… Continue | Weiter »

7 December 2004

A day would need to have 25 hours… It has! Just read on! First of all, greetings from the Atlantic. Yes, we are cruising happily across the ocean, and I am in the mood to give you the news from over here. As you know, I started a new contract on November 5, 2004 and went to Italy (my family took me there thankfully enough and combined the trip with a visit of Venice). And after a short while of waiting in the hotel lobby for the other I/S Managers, they arrived straight from Miami shortly after. And the fun began: No access to the yard without a yard pass! That was good news as we were given time off on this Saturday, and the Sunday as well. Our I/T department had rented a van for the time we were in Italy, and we put it to good use on a jaunt to Triest’s McDonald – we didn’t find it unfortunately, instead we ended up eating supper in a very nice trattoria, and had a really good time thanks to the house wine :) A great beginning of the adventure “VALOR startup”.

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