13 November 2008

img_9684.jpgAnd sometimes it’s a steep one. Like in St Maarten, where Jason and I stepped out after the 5-day Atlantic crossing. We had a mountain (okay, hill) in mind which – located right next to the port – promised great views of the ship and the island. In addition, Jason had placed a geocache there. Continue | Weiter »

12 November 2008

img_9368.jpgI know we are in St Maarten today, but I would like to tell you about our fantastic day in Madeira at the opposite site of the big pond and why I haven’t managed to write about it sooner. Here’s why… As you know, our departure for Australia is approaching fast, and I am getting my gadgets all set up for the big trip Downunder. Part of it was to upgrade my laptop with 2GB of RAM and a bigger hard drive. Continue | Weiter »

5 November 2008

screenshot00015.jpgGreetings from Funchal. The weather is great and we’re leaving soon to explore the island.



4 November 2008

Tonight something happened that never happened to me on a ship before: The Sous Chef, a buddy of mine whom I’ve worked with on a number of ships before, cooked a delicious dinner for me in the galley right front of my eyes.

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Tomorrow, on Nov 5th 2008, we will be in Madeira. It’s our last port in Europe before the 5-day Atlantic crossing. Unfortunately, I am off for only half a day tomorrow, so Jason and I are researching at the moment, just how much you can squeeze into a few hours. Cable car, scooter rental, geocaching… I’ve been to Madeira three years ago and I really like the island. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

There’s a site with webcams, and if you want to see my ship, take a look:


25 October 2008

img_6944.jpgSomewhere I’ve heard an anecdote: Lincoln’s axe is being kept in a museum, but unfortunately the handle and the blade had to be replaced. Can you still make the claim it’s Lincoln’s axe? This somehow went through my mind when I visited ancient ruins in Turkey and Greece. Continue | Weiter »

18 October 2008

img_6469.jpgAlthough three weeks have already passed, I will long remember our ‘lifesaver’: A water taxi. Like so often, we found ourselves furthest away from the ship when it was just about time to return in order not to miss it… Continue | Weiter »

14 October 2008

img_6228.jpgThis quaint little town is located in South Croatia, and I’ve visited it a few times before during my time on the LIBERTY in 2005. I had almost always chosen to go diving though, therefore I managed to go and see the famous old town only once. Jason hadn’t been in Dubrovnik before, so it was our chance to explore it together… Continue | Weiter »

img_5748.jpgI have just noticed that I’m far behind with my writing. I had uploaded a few photo albums but they didn’t get published yet. That will happen soon… It’s been quite busy during the last three weeks, too. Jason and I have been off the ship a lot, and in addition to that there’s a lot of work to do. The new ship, the ‘DREAM’, is being built, and the I/S Team is doing research as per request from the HQ in Miami about whether certain network-related equipment is feasible or not for the new ship. Continue | Weiter »

27 September 2008

img_5908.jpgLet’s happily carry on with reports of our adventures. Today: Capri. The little island is close to Naples and synonymous to everything ‘Rich and Beautiful”. Mariah Carey is said to have a house here, and George Clooney is allegedly on the island filming a movie. They also named a fashionable trouser-style after the island, and here is the answer to your question: Yes, I wore capris! Continue | Weiter »

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