11 August 2007

4543-2-01.jpgTo live and work on a cruise ship is like living in a dormitory. The big difference is though that you can’t necessarily leave it when you feel like you want or need to. Plus, the rooms are extremely small and most of the crew generally shares with another crew member. The good thing is that the way to your work place is very short. I need about one minute – as the computer room is located just two flights up from my cabin :)

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23 December 2006

IMG_2714-01.jpgThe most desired ship for crew members is the Carnival Spirit because it’s the only one on the Carnival fleet that goes to Hawaii and Alaska. Plus, it’s a very beautiful ship. The Spirit is the first of her own class, the Spirit class, and is accompanied by the Pride, the Legend and the Miracle. These ships have room for 2,124 guests (based on 2 per cabin) and 930 crew members (based on about 6 per cabin, no–I’m just joking). With a length of 293m, a width of 32m, and a draft of 8m it is small enough to fit through the Panama Canal. Enjoy the photo gallery with lots of pictures from the beautiful Carnival SpiritContinue | Weiter »

2 September 2006


Alaska is rightfully associated with nature and extensive scenery. It reminds me a lot of Norway with its fjords, islands, mountains, rocks, waterfalls etc. I was very fortunate to take part in tours which gave me the opportunity to see a lot of the beautiful landscape of this great part of the world.


There is a lot of history in Alaska: Old boats, old houses, old railroads – almost everything has its origins from when Alaska was at its best. You remember… The gold rush. Well, all the historic items are marketed as they do nowadays, and so you go on a trip with the Whitepass Railroad which has been modified to satisfy the mostly American clients. The train departs Skagway and takes you to the Canadian border and back. Or you wander through Ketchikan with its cozy old houses… There is so much to see! Continue | Weiter »

College_Fjord_(5)-01.jpgAlaska is famous for its glaciers and indeed you get to see a lot of them. Two places are really famous for glaciers: Juneau (the capital of Alaska) and Glacier Bay. Juneau has the Mendenhall glacier which receives its feed from the Juneau icefield. Glacier Bay has once been completely covered with ice which has now retreated. It is a national park, and there are park rangers on board who give valuable information about the glaciers and wildlife.

22 June 2006

Whittier_(3)-01.jpgIt’s the Summer Solstice today and I am pretty far up north right now, a little north of Sixty. It is not considered ‘arctic’ yet, I would need to be about 6 degrees further north (the arctic circle is located at 66.33 degrees). The astronomical midnight has been calculated for about 2AM that day – sunset is at 11:35PM, sunrise at 4:31AM. At night it does not get completely dark, it’s rather dim, enough to read a book or the paper. It is kind of irritating when you arrive in Whittier at midnight and the sun just sets.

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21 April 2006

Maui_(10)-01.jpgThe anticipation culminated in reality when after 5 days at sea the Spirit arrived in Hawaii. The night before our first call in Hilo on the Big Island, Captain Pagano drove by the south-eastern shore line to show us the lava flow. Pu’u'O’o has been erupting since 1983, and streams of lava flow into the sea ever since. We passed by that site at a distance of about 2 miles which allowed us to see a few orange lights glow up every few minutes. It was cool, though, and the passengers and crew who were standing all along deck 10, acknowledged the extra effort with many Ahs and Ohs.

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7 February 2006

IMG_2266-01.jpgI did it again and signed up for another contract with Carnival. My dream came true with my assignment on the CARNVIAL SPIRIT which is ‘the’ special ship that everyone wants. Reason? It’s going to Hawaii and Alaska. I don’t know why, but I’ve been REALLY lucky so far with my ships. Brought out the Valor, brought out the Liberty with her European run, will (hopefully) see Hawaii and Alaska in a few weeks. Aloha!

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