17 December 2007

What a day! The hectic times of the past dry-dock days have culminated in a fiasco! And now I’m enjoying myself with a bottle of wine, candlelight and a single cabin with a port hole. Honestly! At the moment, I can’t think of anything better!

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10 December 2007

That’s the temperature of my cabin at the moment. And it’s freeeeeeezing cold at night. And those who know me will understand that this is just not my kind of environment (add 4 to 6 degrees!). I can watch the ice flowers form while I’m wrapped up in three (very thin crew-style fire-retardant) blankets.

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5 December 2007

Stormy greetings from California. Stormy for a good reason: We have high waves and long swells which cause the ship to rock and require us to divert from our route to Victoria to seek shelter in San Francisco until the storm has passed. Continue | Weiter »

2 December 2007

miami.jpgMany greetings from the Holiday Inn Airport West hotel, right next to the Carnival head quarters. I have finally arrived here after a 10-hour flight and a wait of several hours at the airport. Here’s my travel journal so far…

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