8 July 2009

We’ve all heard the news about Michael Jackson I presume, and there’s no need to write anything about it because firstly – I’ve never adored him, and secondly, everyone else writes about him… Continue | Weiter »

7 June 2009

img_8812.jpgJohnny Depp has it. So do Nicolas Cage and Leonardo di Caprio: Their own island in the Caribbean. While most of us have a realistic salary and hardly a chance to ever set foot on a private island, Carnival carries their passengers to just such a destination at an affordable price: the private island Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas. Continue | Weiter »

5 June 2009

My beautiful but quite provincial home town Erfurt had a reason for excitement when the Air Force One arrived today – without the President who actually preferred to take a helicopter from Dresden straight to his destination Buchenwald. As we’ve learned from the news during the last few days, his great uncle participated in liberating the concentration camps Buchenwald and Ohrdruf during WW II, both are nearby Erfurt, and to see those places is the reason for Obama’s visit. And for another shake-hands with Mrs Merkel, of course. Continue | Weiter »

25 May 2009

4p085-medium_0.jpgWithout exaggeration: This is my worst contract ever when looking at how much I’m working. Since arriving on this ship on April 14th, there were only two days where I have not had to come back to the computer room after dinner. A normal day begins at 9AM and ends at 10PM, often 10:30PM. Continue | Weiter »

5 May 2009

img_8544.jpgSan Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, has a very beautiful old town which I already had the chance to explore during previous visits with the Carnival Liberty. I like San Juan a lot because during the evenings, the Old Town comes alive with music and dancing, and people strolling up and down the streets or dining at one of the dozen cosmopolitan al fresco restaurants that line quiet streets and little plazas (and had I had company tonight, I would have insisted on doing the same)… Continue | Weiter »

3 May 2009

No, I haven’t spontaneously become dyslexic, I only tried out the Wii game console for the first time in my life today. It was surprisingly good! Continue | Weiter »

29 April 2009

img_8308.jpgI had hardly boarded the Miracle in Fort Lauderdale on April 14th, when I set sail into yet another contract with Carnival Cruise Lines. Having travelled for almost five months, I anticipated the return into 100-hour-weeks to be very strenuous. So true. Although the ship was in great shape and Jason, the previous I/S Manager, had left me a beauty (IT-system-wise, that is), my first week hasn’t been easy. I had the feeling that all the systems wanted to use the opportunity and introduce themselves to me, well, it certainly was a very intense jump-start back into work. Continue | Weiter »

28 April 2009

I have never claimed that I particularly enjoyed shopping. I find shopping for clothes horrible (which is why being on ships is so great: I need very few personal clothes here), shoes don’t excite me very much, grocery shopping isn’t necessary out here, well, and the occasional gadget shopping is done online… Continue | Weiter »

26 April 2009

For some reason here on the CARNIVAL MIRACLE, I’m finding myself constantly fighting system crashes, and having very little free time. However, I thought I’d quickly post a link to a webcam in St Thomas which shows the WICO (West Indian Company) harbour where we are docked at the moment…