6 August 2013

I’ve been working on ships for nearly 10 years now. Not until I’ve recently signed on the Breeze and familiarized myself with the upcoming cruises did I realize that the only Caribbean run I hadn’t been on yet was within reach: The “Southern Caribbean”. Been to all the other places just not down south towards Venezuela: La Romana (Dominican Republic), Willemstad (Curacao) and Oranjestad (Aruba). These terms alone bring up associations of the unspoilt Caribbean, white beaches, pristine reefs, blue water, white sail boats, friendly islanders, European flair. I wouldn’t bother with such an introduction if I weren’t about to find out what the Southern Caribbean is all about… Continue | Weiter »

23 July 2013

Carnival is all about fun. We’re the “FUN cruise line”, we’ve got the “FUN ships”, our guests are “VIFPs – Very Important FUN Persons”. I’m currently on the Carnival Breeze and Carnival is taking this FUN thing to a whole different level. They’ve invited a group of “InstaPros” to cruise with us and capture all the FUN things they see using Instagram, a social-photo-blog-type-network. I must say, these guys are hitting the nail on the head! Have a look: http://momenttracker.carnival.com.

Speaking of fun: Here is the webcam website for our ships: http://ships.carnivalentertainment.com/

22 November 2012

Good day and welcome back, it’s been a while…. And I apologize for the silence. I’ve been super busy with dry docks (on the Dream and the Glory) and teaching the IS Manager College (on the Paradise) and it’s been so much fun and fulfillment that I haven’t been inspired to blog. I’m stuck in between two ships at the moment due to missing a flight, and I’m spending the time at the main office in Miami. Sitting in an American-style cubicle during the day which is still amazing me with its innate inability to achieve focus at work and get anything done ;-)

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28 June 2012

I’m not following football much, but there are times when I have to, and if it’s only for being able to contribute to a conversation. Here at Carnival, Bridge and Engine Officers are almost exclusively from Italy, so you can imagine that watching today’s match is mandatory. My colleague Mathias and I are the only Germans on board, and we are here in the data center on the Carnival Fantasy, closely following the match. If Germany loses, we’ll lock ourselves inside and won’t come out for the next week because we both know how much our Italian friends will rub in the defeat. Walking around the ship will be like running the gauntlet :-) Therefore Germany, please win, will you?

Update:  0-2.  We’re gathering food and water so we can survive behind closed doors for a while :-)

28 April 2012


On February 29 I happened to be on a ship which had a scheduled call in Key West, one of those ports where I don’t mind abstaining from work  for a while so that I can venture out.  The island is dominated by hippies and free spirits and there’s always something interesting to see.  I’ve explored Key West on foot a few times already, also by car and by bike.  And since the time we have in port isn’t enough for a trip out to the Vandenberg, I thought:  Let me go up into the air…  Continue | Weiter »

23 February 2012

img_4895Who remembers the difference between crocodiles and alligators?  I knew there was one and it had something to do with the size, shape and colour, and saltwater and freshwater – but what it was exactly I couldn’t reconstruct.  Thanks to Google and Co. reminding me of the details was a matter of seconds (herehere and here).  Where I come from, we have neither crocodiles nor alligators (unless you visit a zoo) therefore I’m probably excused for not knowing the difference off-hand.  Anyway, roaming around in Florida a lot these days due to the nature of my job, it was just a matter of time before I was lucky enough to see one in its natural habitat.  Without even looking, I could tell that it was an Alligator – the fact that the encounter happened along the Everglades Parkway (nicknamed “Alligator Alley“) was a helpful clue.

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25 December 2011

To all my readers out there, I wish you happy holidays and a prosperous and successful new year.  The greetings reach you from my cabin on the Carnival Magic, Carnival’s newest ship.  LED Christmas ornaments (sent to me from my dear family back home) adorn the desk, and I’ve got some very special German Christmas music playing.  I got off the ship in Cozumel earlier today to call home and attend the festivities the virtual way.  It could have been even more virtual with a better internet connection so that Video Skype would have worked but sometimes you can’t always get what you want, right?

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11 December 2011

img_2399Wow, this contract has started at a fast pace and it hasn’t slowed down much. As mentioned earlier, I am transfering from one ship to another this weekend and am enjoying a few work-free hours with lightning-fast internet. So, what’s been happening with me lately?

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10 December 2011

This is where I am right now.  Never heard of it?  It’s an island south of Houston in Texas and was once made famous by Glen Campbell, and for the girls:  also by Country hunk Keith Urban.  I am staying for one night at the famous Hotel Galvez (Wikipedia) which, as I have just found out when I looked up the hotel online, is haunted.  I have just left the Carnival Triumph and will be joining the Carnival Magic tomorrow.  Finally, a moment to rest, breathe, and blog…

I am going for a little walk along the Seawall now and will be back with a full photo blog later today.  Look forward to IS Manager College impressions, a California sunset, Tatsu, Royal Caribbean, New Orleans, and, well, Galveston :-)

PS:  I think the haunting part is already starting to scare me – the room phone just rang and no one was on the other line…. Continue | Weiter »

30 September 2011

img_2162When someone starts with the phrase “Well, at least…”, you can tell that something is really awful and one is scrambling to convince oneself of the positive aspects of the situation, whatever that may be. In my case, it’s probably that the most recent vacation at home in my new room followed by a couple of nights in a very spacious Holiday Inn hotel room have made me ignorant towards the harsh accommodation-related reality in my life as a Fleet Supervisor. Continue | Weiter »