3 May 2009

No, I haven’t spontaneously become dyslexic, I only tried out the Wii game console for the first time in my life today. It was surprisingly good! Continue | Weiter »

16 April 2009

The Jauch Easter has long had the tradition of family gatherings, with long walks or bike rides. Well, this year (my first Easter at home in six years), I was going to get the full dose of it as I met not only with my parents and siblings, but also uncles and aunts. The plan then was to drive to the Lusitanian Mountains for a bit of family history research. Continue | Weiter »

3 September 2008

img_4808.jpgThanks to a former Carnival doctor who now works on the AIDABella, I had for the first time an opportunity to explore the ship of a different cruise line. I am tempted to elaborate extensively about every single thought that had crossed by mind while walking along the decks, but this would clearly lead to unnecessary frustration on my side. The ship is simply beautiful.

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24 November 2007

chef_says_okay.jpg… make a very interesting combination of flavours. To cut a long story short: Today is Friday, and every Friday is a ‘special supper evening’ in the Jauch family. It’s mostly something exotic or non-standard we prepare. Something to spice up our established routines in the kitchen…

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2 October 2007

Cozumel-(02).jpgThat’s it for Mexico. We have just left Cozumel, and I will not be comig back for 2 months. Jason and I have made our farewell-visit a memorable one by exploring the island the usual way. We rented a scooter and went geocaching. But this time I’ve had my own two wheels :) Continue | Weiter »

17 September 2007

IMG_3727-01.jpgThe most exclusive destination in the Caribbean is without a doubt Grand Cayman. The island is located just south of Cuba and is home to a plethora of banks and other financial institutes. As well as the popular jewellery stores of course. Cruising visitors however are welcomed by only three touristic highlights: Seven-Mile-Beach, Stingray City and Hell… Continue | Weiter »

8 September 2007

IMG_3600-01.jpgDean forced us to change our run this week. This is always something to wish for with the routine voyages we have, except when this brings you back to the usual ports. We’ve been lucky though, and I had the opportunity to enjoy a new port of call: Grand Turk, located just north of Hispaniola (the island which Haiti and the Dominican Republic are sharing)… Continue | Weiter »

1 September 2007

S_0004.jpgThe title already suggests my newest adventure: It’s Jamaica, Mon. Our port of call was Ocho Rios in the northern part of the island (with Montego Bay in the West being another popular destination, and Kingston in the East being the capital). I’ve had a few hours off that day and left the planning to Jason. He had been there before and got me interested in what apparently is the #1 attraction… Continue | Weiter »

6 August 2007

Ketchikan-(8).jpgOne of my favorite things to do when I’m off the ship is to go diving. And as of today, I have reached a new level – I’m a certified Advanced Open Water scuba diver :) Having done 60 dives so far, this certification was long overdue (and I don’t know what took me so long). To celebrate properly, I have uploaded loads of underwater pictures for you :) Continue | Weiter »

23 July 2007

IMG_2842-01.jpgI just returned from a walk in San Juan and don’t want to keep it to myself. It was the first time ever that Jason and I managed to get off in this port together. Until now it was either him or me who got off, don’t ask me why… Anyways, we’ve had plans to visit the fortress which we knew closed for the evening… Continue | Weiter »

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