22 November 2012

Good day and welcome back, it’s been a while…. And I apologize for the silence. I’ve been super busy with dry docks (on the Dream and the Glory) and teaching the IS Manager College (on the Paradise) and it’s been so much fun and fulfillment that I haven’t been inspired to blog. I’m stuck in between two ships at the moment due to missing a flight, and I’m spending the time at the main office in Miami. Sitting in an American-style cubicle during the day which is still amazing me with its innate inability to achieve focus at work and get anything done ;-)

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24 January 2012

img_6147-smallHi.  Just a quick note regarding my whereabouts:  I’m currently on the Carnival Miracle which undergoes a dry dock in lovely Freeport, Bahamas.  Okay, that’s extremely exaggerated, there’s nothing lovely about Freeport but since I’m not getting off the ship I don’t really care.  Actually, I just realized why I like dry docks so much:  It’s the balcony cabin in which I get to live during the two weeks of ship reconstruction and maintenance – my regular ship visits don’t grant me that luxury.  The benefits of daylight in the cabin and the ability to open a door to get fresh air weigh more than any dry dock hardship related to not having A/C or warm water (or water in general for that matter)… Continue | Weiter »

10 December 2011

This is where I am right now.  Never heard of it?  It’s an island south of Houston in Texas and was once made famous by Glen Campbell, and for the girls:  also by Country hunk Keith Urban.  I am staying for one night at the famous Hotel Galvez (Wikipedia) which, as I have just found out when I looked up the hotel online, is haunted.  I have just left the Carnival Triumph and will be joining the Carnival Magic tomorrow.  Finally, a moment to rest, breathe, and blog…

I am going for a little walk along the Seawall now and will be back with a full photo blog later today.  Look forward to IS Manager College impressions, a California sunset, Tatsu, Royal Caribbean, New Orleans, and, well, Galveston :-)

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16 August 2011

img_9310Are you dizzy yet? That was quite a story so far, wasn’t it? Far from what you would like to experience during a much-anticipated holiday… I can tell you that the second part is progressing at a much slower rate – lots of photos again though :-)

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30 July 2011

img_7826A much anticipated venue to see on this ship was the ice rink.  I had heard rumours of its existence but that didn’t mean they were actually true.  Well, I can confirm that they are, and during my two cruises, we have not only watched both shows — we’ve even ice-skated! Continue | Weiter »

17 March 2011

Hello from Trieste. The team is on board and we’ll leave for a three-day sea trial shortly. I just wanted to let you know about our startup blog which has more startup stuff than cruisekat.net these days:


20 January 2011

It has been only a few minutes ago that I’ve ordered a Canon 5D Mark II SLR camera and therewith completed the purchase of my new camera gear.  Of course I couldn’t just order ONLY the camera, nooooo: Filters, a practical hand strap, a fancy camera bag and few more necessities…. (hm, do I NEED them or do I WANT them? I think I know what the answer is).   More about my new toy(s) on January 28 when I am in Carnival’s main office in Miami where lots of Amazon packages will be waiting for me… The day can’t come soon enough !!!

13 November 2010

img_0904.jpgDuring the past days, you simply couldn’t avoid hearing about the Carnival Splendor and how she drifted in the Pacific Ocean – power-less after what appeared to be a fire in the Engine Room.  Yes, I’ve been on the Splendor before.  I was involved in her startup in Genoa, spent the inaugural contract there and cruised around the whole of South America (from Florida to California) in 2009.  I’m a bit shocked to hear what had happened but am relieved that there were no casualties. Continue | Weiter »

11 October 2010

We have arrived safely after a 1-hour-flight from Frankfurt to London (where Jason joined us, funny story) and an 11-hour-flight from London to Johannesburg where my parents sat next to a self-proclaimed South African-Californian Hollywood star (who couldn’t afford at least business class??).

Our relatives have picked us up from the airport and took us to their home in Vereeniging. It was a very hospitable welcome and Wolf & Brigitte are fantastic hosts.

This is just a short blog entry — more about our South African adventure as time and internet access permit… :) Greetings from 27.51deg East and 25.44deg South. Good night!

10 October 2010

Have you heard about my newest assignment? I’m on the ‘Carnival Vacation’ with free high-speed internet, lots of interesting TV channels, around-the-clock-availability of washers and dryers, a kitchen with a stove, and windows that actually open and let in the earthy scent of a beautiful Indian Summer… Continue | Weiter »

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